Those needing information about an event should call the trip coordinator at least 1 day prior to the event, or 4 days prior if an overnight trip. Please bring money along for sharing car pool costs ($8 per hour per person).

Please read the section “Important Information” below before attending a trip.

Trips – click the link below for current schedule of events:

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Important Information:

1) All trips start at the Harry Jerome (formerly Lonsdale) Recreation Centre, North Vancouver, in the Centennial Theatre parking lot unless otherwise noted (east of Lonsdale and north of 23rd Street behind the theatre).

2) Non-members or members may be declined participation if coordinator was not contacted prior to the event.

3) The trip leader/coordinator will determine the start time. Participants are requested to arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early to assist in car-pooling.

4) Please be prepared to drive if required. Although they are rare, there are times when not enough vehicles are available for the number of trip participants. On these occasions, NVOC members are given priority.

5) Participants must be properly equipped: Good hiking boots, outdoor clothing, rain gear, food and water are required for hikes and backpack trips. Be prepared for changes in weather. Bicycles should be in good order, helmets, rain gear, food and water are required for bike trips. Please remember to bring clean street shoes for using during carpools to activity locations and have your hiking boots (or ski boots, etc.) in a plastic bag for storage during transport. If in the opinion of the trip co-ordinator, a participant is ill equipped or unfit for the trip, their participation may be denied.

6) Out of province health insurance is strongly recommended for trips to the USA. Participants are responsible for bringing any medications that may require (ie. ANA kits).

7) Trip coordinators are volunteers; generally they are familiar with the trails, but occasionally new areas are explored. Participants must be aware that every trip has an element of risk and it is necessary to consult with the coordinator prior to the trip to ascertain what the level of risk will be. The trips are planned at a monthly meeting; participants are encouraged to attend these meetings.

8) All participants are required to sign in at the beginning of each trip. When signing in they acknowledge that they accept the risks involved, and that they have signed a waiver form to that effect.

9) The outings are adult orientated and not suitable for children under the age of 16 years. In consideration of other participants you are requested not to bring pets (ie. dogs) on the trips.

10) The North Vancouver Outdoors Club is affiliated with the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC). We are supported by The North Vancouver Recreation Commission. If you would like to attend an event, please RSVP with the event organizer listed beside the event at least 1 day before the event, or 4 days before if an overnight trip; and read the important trip information also listed on this page.

And have FUN!